Trauma Starts Here

Who knew burning it all down could

What is Mind Culture?

Mind Culture is focused on turning things upside down! Let's re-examine what we're doing and how we are reacting. Let's have different conversations that don't have the same narrative that we had before. Let's get our life back on track after it has all been burnt down right in front of us. We are a wellness science business working to cultivate post traumatic growth in order to find our zones of awesomeness.

The Who

Mind Culture was created specifically to help people who have gone through a traumatic experience such as Divorce, DVO or Illness and are looking to get their life back on track. Together we can create a new normal for ourselves filled with clarity, confidence and connection.

The Why

Getting your life back on track is not only crucial for your personal healing journey but for your children, family and friends. Multigenerational trauma must stop here. Life after trauma is hard, but we must better ourselves for those depending on us to do the work.

The Mind
Culture Philosophy

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The "What" of Doing
The Work

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>How We Can Help

Discover our unique services to rediscover yourself, begin your journey of healing and feel inspired again.

1-on-1 Mentoring

Find personalised inspiration and support through our 1-on-1 mentoring program.


Group Workshops

Our powerful workshops help businesses, councils and support organisations guide their participants to a “new view of their world.”


Self-Guided Learning

Participate in our self guided learning course to ignite your soul again.

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Wellness Speaker

Listen to our wellness leader and leave feeling inspired to flip your world the right way.


I'm Samantha!

I am a wellbeing leader who specialises in coaching women to find their zone of awesomeness.

I believe that challenging times make great opportunities for personal growth. I work with women to help them feel safe through the discomfort of creating their new normal with love, compassion, support and hope.

Bushfire of the Soul

I sat silently in the lecture room on the first day of my masters program preparing for the end of life as I knew it. I was beginning my studies in the science of wellbeing, happiness and what it takes to live a flourishing life. Meanwhile my married life and life in general were marching towards a bushfire of the soul, the magnitude of which I could never have been prepared for. My world and everything I knew and loved was about to be incinerated. The bushfire of the soul was to take everything leaving only darkness and pain.

Trauma, including divorce and the life disruption that followed, became the fuel for my studies. What does it take to create a new normal after everything you knew is gone? How do we start again? How do we grow from traumatic experiences to build the life we want?

I have developed the tools to start again and I want to share them with you. The goal is noticing the new shoots on the ground, the dawn of a new day and the return of the birds. This is where we start.

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